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About Us

We love Golf and we want to help people play better and enjoy the game more.

This site and our podcast radio program is specifically for golfers that live north of the 40th parallel. In other term, for anyone north of Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Milan, Italy.

Why? Because golfers that live and play north of 40, have an off season in the winter.

Sure we get away during the winter, but the off season gives us the opportunity to really work on developing new skills and work on fitness.

As Dale Carnegie said, "practice makes permanent"

We look forward to your feedback on this site and the Golf radio program. Also, please give us ideas on new programming and content you would like to see.

Hit them long and straight!

Tom Hawkett CGL

- Chief Golf Lover

Our Contributors

Tom Hawkett

CGL - Chief Golf Lover

Tom is a mid-handicap golfer that wants to be a 'good golfer'. Like most he has moments of brilliance, yet not consistent enough.

Based in Toronto, he wants to continue playing better golf, as well as, help grow the game and have fun.

As a student of this great game, he believes, lower scores come from a combination of fitness, practice, coaching, a good swing, the mental game, equipment and persistence.

As our radio host, Tom will learn along with our audience, how to lower their scores.

Tom, as a passionate tech entrepreneur, that is especially excited to to share his multi Media approach to engaging golfers on and off the course.

Currently, this includes the website, Connect4 Golf Club Radio and the mobile location based Connect4 Golf at Golf Expos and at participating Golf courses.


Todd Keirstead

Golf Celebrity

Throughout the years Todd Keirstead has developed his “think outside of the box” approach to be one of the leaders in the golf industry.

Companies have utilized Todd to add flair and style to make their events completely unique. His professional background not only includes being one of the most sought after Golf Entertainers and Trainers but in business he has held the titles of National Director of Training and Development and part of a World Wide Performance Improvement Team representing over 40 Countries.

With his business savvy, serious drive and a genuine passion for high performance, Todd’s ultimate goal whether it is on the golf course or in a corporate environment is to entertain the participants and associate the event together with a shared memory.

Todd's Website