Golf Radio Show #17 (summary) on Alignment, Developing distance & driving irons

On online Radio Show Week #17 we interview David Banks of the Golf Academy at Hidden Lake Golf Club at Burlington, ON. This is a Clublink course
He teaches people how to hit the ball further and be in alignment.
David Banks of The Hidden Lake Golf Academy
David Banks of The Hidden Lake Golf Academy


This week David discusses with us how to play better off the tee.

  • How to be better Aligned with target and how to practice this
  • what are keys to developing distance, consistency, club head speed
  • How does Swingnature training aid can help develop swing speed
  • opinion on Driving irons, hybrids or 2 irons off the tee
This week in Amateur Golf
I played 2 best ball tournaments last week.
Willow Valley in Hamilton, ON
Glen Eagle in Bolton, ON
Both were both excellent.
Both know how to run good charity tournaments.
Particularly happy with their steaks for dinner. Not easy cook 130+ at one time.
GTA AM Tour was out at Whitevale
A great course
Greens in good condition.
Next week at Barrie CC
Pitching & Chipping
Breakthrough of short pitches & chips:
Hold Club 3 boss fingers
Thumb on the top of grip to disengage it.
After some poor short putting Mark Young of GTA AM Tour also suggested a Drill to keep thumb from engaging.
Look at a blade of grass behind the ball
Keep looking at after contact do that your head does not move or follow the ball.
Golf is a side-on game, which makes golf a much more difficult, than straight on sports like a free throw in basketball.
Most Golfers try aiming at the target, then try to align Club and body with the target. Unfortunately the brain naturally thinks that the target is to the body side of where it actually is.
Pick a spot (ie. A divot) 15-20 ft out to aim at that is lined up to the target.
Practices Aiming with rods on the range and picking spots to aim at 10-20 feet between your ball and the target.
Pre-shot routine on the Tee
Be more aware of the way you feel.
Relax your chest and breath out before you swing.
Relax your hands and arms.
You cannot think about how to do thinks. Especially things that you have not turned into routine.
Power of positive thinking does not really help that much.
Dave recommends a practice swing get “the feel of the swing”.
Maximum output and swing speed discussion:
1.5 smash factor should be everyone’s goal.
It’s about effective and efficient swing mechanics, along with Club head speed. You need both optimized for you to optimize your distance.
Women, pound for pound on the LPGA hit the ball way further. Its about efficiency of your swing and ball contact.
Golfers need to have relaxed muscles and address and during the swing.
Breath out before taking back swing help relax.
Driving Irons
Should recreational golfers buy a driving iron or 2 iron?
It is a trend that manufactures are producing these clubs and promoting them and Jason Day hit 2-irons around the Players Championship.
In short, unless your swing speed is north of 110 the answer is NO, but listen to the radio show to learn why.
The weather is and has been fantastic for golf. Enjoy!

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