Golf.Club Radio Show #18 (summary) on Chipping & Pitching strategy

On this weeks Golf Radio show #18 we have an update from Mark Young of the GTA AM Tour and an interview with Bruce Forbes from the Academy at Glen Eagle Golf Club on Chipping and Pitching strategy.

Bruce Forbes, PGA Instructor at Glen Eagle GC in Bolton, ON
We asked Bruce about Practicing:
  • how to get to repeatable effectiveness around the green
  • How do we take this onto the course?
  • Do you have any tips for warm up and getting in a short game frame of mind for practice or to play a game?

In summary:

  • be aggressive with your stroke to avoid being short and accelerating through the ball
  • develop good tempo
  • put pressure on your practice (ie. hitting 18 of 20 shots within 20 ft)
  • during practice get to know how far each club goes from 7:00, 9:00 and full swing
  • record your number of puts and distance your chips end up
  • with weight staying on front foot, you will lose 5-10 feet distance

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