Golf.Club Radio Show #19 (summary) on Mental Game and Bump & runs

This week’s ‪‎GolfRadioShow‬ #19 is with Tim O’Connor (Mental Performance Coach) and Bruce Forbes.

We ask Tim O’Connor from the Academy at Glen Abbey GC how golfers can avoid several good shots or holes, followed by a terrible shot or triple bogie.

In short, you need to stay in the moment. Do not get ahead of yourself. We often have a good hole, then think about paring the next hole, rather that thinking only about the shot you are hitting or thinking about getting the ball close to the hole, rather than making good contact with the ball. On the Radio show, Tim goes into more detail.

Tim O'Connor is a Mental Performance Golf Coach
Tim O’Connor is a Mental Performance Golf Coach

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We also recommend you listen to his podcasts on ‘The Mental Game’ at

Our 2nd Segment is with Bruce Forbes who discusses the Bump and Run shot, as well at the Lob Shot.  You can see how you can do it on the videos below.

Bruce Forbes, PGA Instructor at Glen Eagle GC in Bolton, ON
Bruce Forbes, PGA Instructor at Glen Eagle GC in Bolton, ON


Video: How to Bump & Run

  • Have the ball back in your stance
  • should have 75% of your weight on your front foot.
  • use a 56 or 54 degree wedge
  • let club fall down the ball
  • you should hear a bit of a thud at time of impacts
  • do not follow through

Video: How to do a Flop Shot

  • ball is at front of your stance
  • equal weight on both feet
  • do not follow through, release quickly,
  • NOT firm hands, quite hands (like chips and pitches)
  • hands should not ever be ahead of the ball
  • ball should not roll many feet after landing

Bruce Forbes can be reached for questions and lessons at Glen Eagle GC in Bolton, ON

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