Golf Radio Show #20 !! Learn how to play more consistent golf

Listen to Golf Radio Show #20

Tim O’Connor (Mental Performance Coach) discusses “how be more consistent and how did Justin Johnson breakthrough to win The US Open?”

We are celebrating our 20th show this week.
We have covered many topics around improving your golf swing from swing mechanics to putting.
The good news is, you can go back to any of these shows on the home screen
of our The Radio Show and look for a golf issue you want to learn more about and then binge listen, like you would, the last season of Game of Thrones.


We asked Tim O’Connor, “how do we stop or reduce the really bad shots or holes after we hit some really good ones or have a few good holes”?

He stated:

  • golfers need to stay in the moment and only thinking about the shot at hand.
  • You cannot be in the future or in the past
  • golfers tend to get ahead of themselves. After a couple of good shots or holes, golfers starting thinking/planning scores on the next hole/s or the their final scores. This is the mistake.
We also discussed:
I find myself standing over the ball too long, especially on chip and pitch shots, by going thru my check list. I also, find it tough to get any tempo on these shot, because of it.
Tim stated:
  • Golf is more about the physical game.
  • You brain and body reacts really well in reactionary mode, like tennis or squash shots.
  • I am over thinking.
  • He suggested a drill of hitting 5 ball in succession without thinking between each shot.  You will find that you hit these balls much better than usual and this will help you develop tempo and a consistent swing.

We asked Tim, why and how Dustin Johnson broke thru to win his 1st Major, The US Open, that he lost the year before with a 3 putt on the last hole.

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