Golf Is Not A Mental Game by Dr. Karl Morris

When talking about ‘The Mental Game’ with Golf Show Contributors, Lars Melander and David Banks after playing on Sunday, they both directed me to research and finding from Dr. Karl Morris in The UK. Lars had been coached by him in The UK and it had helped him when he was playing professional golf. In short, Stop thinking too much about your swing on the course.

David Banks of The Hidden Lake Golf Academy
David Banks of The Hidden Lake Golf Academy
Lars Melander


One point that Lars & David made was that posture and where your focus is key to playing good consistent golf. If you are looking down too much, you tend to be shoulders down and rounded, which means less oxygen gets into your lungs and thus keeps you down.

Therefore, concentrate on shoulders back, head up and looking ahead. This will keep you positive and more consistent.

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Golf Is Not A Mental Game

by Dr. Karl Morris

He states that golf is a physical game. Golf should be more instinctive and reduce your thinking. Let the body take over. Do not over think things and be in the moment. Get mad, but do not take it to the next shot. Tiger has a 10 yard rule.


Golf Psychologist
Golf Psychologist

Karl Morris Mind Factor: Controlling Nerves on the Golf Course

We have all been playing the score game. Think about the perceived control of our your situation.

We need to understand we cannot control our score, instead we only massively influence it.

Play “the circle game” to increase your chances of scoring better.

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