Golf Radio Show #21 – How to practice to improve your game

This week we have Bruce McCarrol on online Radio Show #21
Bruce currently teaches out at Lambton GC and Beacon Hall. He is a highly respected teacher and coach in Canada.


Bruce has been a member of the PGA of Canada For about 30 years and earned Master Professional status in 2003.
  • Bruce was named PGA of Canada Teacher of The Year in 2005,
  • Score Golf Magazine ranked him as Canada’s top instructor in 2007
  • The National Post listed him as “One of the top 10 teachers in Canada”
Bruce is recognized for his ability to work with golfers of all skill levels, ages and physical abilities.
In this interview, we will be talking with him, about how to practice to improve your game. With lots of good ideas.
From the interview with Bruce recommends & suggests:

Practicing must include targets:

– for distance
– direction
– different trajectory
  • Just hitting balls after ball the same way is almost useless.
  • The wrong clubs in you hands can really hinder any progress you make.

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