The search for the best-fit wedges

The authour, Tom, Chief Golf Lover (CWL) is looking for a new 54 & 58 degree wedge to replace his at least 5 year old Vockey wedges. The grooves are worn and I believe that it has too much bounce, as I seem to blade too many chips. Its been a good wedge for me, but I find it difficult to finesse the ball around the green. It seems a bit heavy.

Wedge Vokey SM4_58-09
To be replaced: Current Wedge Vokey SM4_58-09


My search “The Process”

As an amateur, I have found it frustrating and challenging to find and test wedges on course or at least try on grass. Being late in the season, makes it more difficult as private club pro-shops like Lambton only have a very few wedges left in stock and demo clubs (few manufactures or loft/bounce choices).


Another option is going to Golftown where there is lots of of section, but no way to really try them out on grass or around a real green. Hitting a lob wedge into a screen does not tell me enough to differentiate.  There pricing maybe better than at a pro-shop, I cannot afford to buy several wrong wedges.

If this was utopia, I would be able to go to one range with grass and be able to try wedges from several manufactures and many options (style, lofts, bounce).

To date, I have been trying the only wedge demo option at the Lambton shop that fits my criteria of 58 degree, medium  bounce, straight leading edge. This is the TaylorMade 58-10 RS Series_EF spin_groove.

Lob wedge Taylormade_58-10 RS Series_EF spin_groove
Lob wedge from Taylormade_58-10 RS Series_EF spin_groove


I have tried it on the course and on the practice green (good). I like it, but I do not have anything to compare it with, other than my old Vokey wedges.  With a dating analogy, I need to go out with at least a few, before I know they are Mrs. right.

Another option is to get fitted at a manufacturer’s facility. I reached out to several of them via twitter last week, asking them where I can try their wedges.  TaylorMade was the only one that responded and I now have an assessment session tomorrow afternoon at their Canadian HO in Vaughan, ON. I will be reporting on my experience.

I am excited to work with TaylorMade, as they seem committed to golf in Canada, with their pavilion @RBCCanadianOpen  and  a major sponsor of The GTA Tour that I play on.


Another option, is to be assessed and fitted by GolfTech. They may have the closest to my utopian fitting experience. They have technology to assess swings and can test you on most of the key manufactures. Also, they have 2 indoor assessment and fitting facilities in Mississauga, ON and they can do sessions a local outdoor range.

What we have learned

Sep. 20/16 Did a club fitting at TaylorMade Canada’s Head Office in Woodbridge. Jared (Master Fitter) put all of the sensors all over my body to track my body & club movements. I hit balls into the screen and data was collected.

TaylorMade Fitting with sensors
Decked out with many sensors at TaylorMade to get fitted.

From this Jared recommended for me, the EF 58 ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) bounce and EF 54-11 bounce. The ATV allows you to lay out the club flatter when you need to pop it up, avoiding bounce that can cause you to blading it across the green.


TaylorMade wedges EF Spin Groove ATV Bounce
TaylorMade EF60-ATV bounce


Sept 27, 2016 – The process continues: I went out to the TaylorMade indoor and outdoor fitting facility at Glen Abbey, so I could try these wedges around some real grass. I worked with Master Fitter, Phil McNally. This was a good experience and it confirmed that the previous recommendation by hitting about 20 balls with both the ATV 54 & 58. We learned that my Titleist AP2 – W wedge is 53 degree. It looks like I can drop this club from my bag and maybe add a good club from the rough 180 yards out.

It was also determined that I would order the 54 with a ProjectX 6.0 shaft (the same as my irons) and the KBS Wedge flex shaft for the 54. Now I wait for them to be delivered to my home course, Lambton.

Oct 12, 2016 – I received my new TaylorMade ATV 58 wedge.

It’s Electroformed (EF) Nickle Cobalt grooves with 64 degree lie, Swingweight D4. I hit it on the range today. I love the look, the swing feel and the contact and pretty consistent ball flight. I also find it tough to pull it left. I look forward to taking it out on the course this weekend.


The 54 wedge is hopefully coming soon.

November 12/16

I received my 54 wedge in late October. After playing about 5 games with these wedges I am very happy with them.

I struggled with my short game all season. Lessons and lots of practice helped, I still would pull 50 to 90 yard shots and blade chips and pitches when needed on the course.
With my new 54 & 58 fitted for me, I have more confidence with green side flop shots and I am hitting 30-80 yard shots straighter, without pulling them left and with way more back spine. In fact last week, I rolled in a 30 yard wedge for my first eagle in a long time.
I think I need more practice to build my confidence hitting under 20 pitch shots of tight lies. I guess that will be next years goal.

Vokey says:


See Vokey wedges and how their sweet spots changed based on loft.
See Vokey wedges and how their sweet spots changed based on loft.


Proper wedge fitting starts with precise loft, bounce, and grind.

Fit Your Loft

Precise distance gapping is a critical step in selecting the best wedge set make-up for your game. Vokey recommends 4°-6° of loft separation between your wedges resulting in 10-15 yard gaps. Most players will benefit from carrying four wedges which lead to tighter distance gaps and more full swings.

Recommended Wedge Set Compositions

PW (43°) 48 52° 58°
PW (45°-46°) 50° 54° 58°
PW (45°-46°) 52° 58°
PW (47°-48°) 52° 56° 60°
PW (47°-48°) 54° 60°
Distance Chart
Sand Wedges

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