Snell Golf Balls @Toronto Golf Show

We interviewed Snell Golf Ball Manufacturer’s founder, Dean Snell, a golf ball visionary, who has been working on designing golf balls for 27 year. The Snell balls are designed for high performance non-tour players. They pass of the savings of not having heavy advertising budgets and the costs of paying tour players. Watch the interview to learn more about this ground break company that can save you money.
Snell Golf Balls

Get Sum Ball

Our high performance 2 piece ball designed for straighter control and a soft feel around the green. Get Sum, providing superior performance to the average golfer.

My Tour Ball
Our 3 piece tour caliber golf ball engineered to provide outstanding tee to green performance and a mission to enhance scoring for golfers of all levels
Canadians order their balls online at
Tour Balls $41.99 CND per dozen
This is Dean Snell and Tom Hawkett of Connect4 Golf.Club
Snell Golf Balls - Interview Gene Snell
I look forward to trying these balls on the course in the Spring.

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