New Putter thru Performance Lab assessment

July 22, 2017
The first game using my new putter was a big success. Last week I had 40 putts with 5 x 3-putts on the Legend at Lionhead and yesterday, on the same course, I had 34 putts, with 3 x 3 putts (from long distance) and with one 2 putt from +50 ft.
The putter gives me a good feel for distance and it is easier to keep longer putts on-line with its lighter feeling swing weight. I also started getting my confidence on under 15 footers, after sinking a couple.  Now I am looking forward to my next game. This seems to be a game changer!
July 20, 2017
My New Putter
I just received my new TP Mullen by TaylorMade
Andrew Lusty, at The Performance Lab north of Toronto, did my swing analysis and custom fitting last week for a new putter to replace my Odyssey mallet. I was suffering from 3-5 x 3-putts for too many rounds this year. This is way to many.
Putter Fitting at Taylormade Performance Lab
As Andrew determined that I take the putter back fairly straight naturally (see video, coming) and I liked a smaller head (blade like look and feel). They hook you up with electrodes to a computer to analyze your stroke.
It showed that I usually line up putts to the right of target. It also showed that I rolled the ball pretty well.
Andrew recommended the TP Mullen after his computer analysis.
Mullen offers a mallet-style putter with a clean and compact shape. Combining feel-based elements of a blade with the performance of a mallet, Mullen provides the best of both worlds when you’re on the green. Featuring a slight toe hang, two 5g weights in the sole, and two sight lines on the back cavity, Mullen enables golfers prefer to release the toe through impact to benefit from the added stability and alignment of a mallet design.
As I am 6’2″ the 35″ shaft felt good. They adjusted the Lie angle to “1 Flat” from the factory setting.
303 STAINLESS STEEL Toe Hang 38° Offset (FULL)
length 35″ Head weight 350g Loft 3.5° Lie 70°
TaylorMade TP Collection Mullen
TaylorMade TP Collection Mullen
Grip: Super Stroke GT-R 1.0 (smaller than my current, with square front)
I received my putter today and tried it on the practice green. I sank my 1st 20 footer. Ok, that probably was just lucky, but I felt the significant differences (compared to my full mallet),  were:
  • lighter swing weight to me allowing a more consistent smooth stroke and . This seems to help with my lag putts over 20 feet. Not having to force the club.
  • more feel for the ball coming off the club face. This comes from its blade like characteristics.
  • lines on the back that help line up putts (a little like the true mallett). Easy to line up.
  • the mid-sized squared fat grip, also seem to allow a comfortable grip.
TP Mullen Collection putter Taylormade
I will confirm and update as I get to know and experience it more. I play Lionhead, Legend on Friday, where I had 5 x 3-putts last week.
By Chief Golf Lover, Tom Hawkett

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