My Father – He introduced me to The Game

Waking up listening to Golf Talk Canada last Saturday, while getting ready to play golf, I reflected on my father, who passed away the week before. He loved everything about golf.
I owe a great deal to my father, Gord Hawkett, especially, how he introduced me to the World of Golf. This gift has had a huge effect on my life, through the lasting friendships and the experiences that continue to amass.
He certainly facilitated my passion for the game, I play and want to share with others.
My Father "The Golfer"
Initially I was his caddy, at the very hilly Board of Trade Country Club and he took me to the Canadian Open when Jack, Tom & Lee were in their primes. We would watch golf most Sundays before dinner. We were a golf family and we continue this tradition.
He was not a great golfer, but was a real student of the game who preferred to walk and logged 50+ games a year, along with a busy business life.
I would not have been a member of Lambton Golf Club for 44 years without him.
Some of my best memories of my Dad, where playing at Royal Montreal, The National Club and Lambton, as well as, in Florida and Bermuda.
Once we knew Parkinsons would eventually end his golfing days, we made extra effort to play more together. We both knew those days were special. Parkinsons is a cruel disease and ends too many golfer’s lives. Help by donating at
On a lighter note – Statements known by my golf buddies, as Gord-isms, like when you miss your putt, then sink it on the 2nd try. He would say “Anyone can do it the 2nd time”. Also if you took too many practice swings, he would tell you to “practice on the range”.
My regret is that I did not taken my father to St. Andrews to play. We talked about it for years and ran out of time.
From the celebration of life event for him last week, his and my fraternity of golfing friends were well represented. He was a great man, friend, mentor, accountant and yes – A TRUE GOLFER!
He will be missed.
By Tom Hawkett – CGL

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