Snell Golf Balls – My experience with the MTB (My Tour Ball)

I have now played a few rounds with Snell’s Tour quality ball and have been really impressed with it.

Snell Golf Balls - My Tour Ball review

I was using the Callaway Chrome Soft up until I ordered a dozen on-line from Kingston Ontario. There was free shipping and I received them within a day or 2.

The My Tour Ball is exactly that, a high performance ball that performs very similar to the feel and softness of the “Chrome Soft” for more than $10CND cheaper. I get excellent spin from all on my irons and distance off the tee is normal for me. I like the feel on chips and putting.

I will be ordering more.

July 21/17 Play them. Loving them. Especially around the greens.

Tom Hawkett – CGL

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