It’s back…The new golf season has begun

It was fantastic to be back outside hitting golf balls today at Richmond Hill Golf Club, ON

It was only 3 months & 9 days after my last game in Canada. It felt good out there!

Chief Golf Lover has started the new season
Chief Golf Lover has started the new season today April 7th.


What did you work on over the winter? and what are you working on to improve for this season?

I did not hit many balls this winter, instead I hit LA Fitness 25 times to workout on the weights.

My goal is to hit my drives longer (catch up to Jack) and strengthen my low back (so that it doesn’t hurt).

It seems like it worked, as my back, has not hurt since starting the weights in Dec. and I think I am hitting my drives further.

I really want to get my club speed up to around 100 mph.




Btw – Have you changed your grips or at least washed them lately?

I washed them today and I am ready. Bring it on!

Wash your grips regularly












What are you working on to improve?

Lets get better this year and have some laughs!


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