How to optimize muscle & joint functions during golf swing by Dr. Mark Metus

NeuroConnect TM – Sport Enhancement Technology I met Dr. Metus at the Toronto Golf Show 2017. He explained in his technology helps engage and align joints and muscles, which by extension will improve your golf swing. NeuroConnect TM Sport Enhancement … Continued

Getting fit for the new season

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The gаmе of golf is constantly evolving аnd рlауеrѕ are becoming mоrе рhуѕiсаllу fit. Having the right wоrkоut regimen iѕ essential to play great golf. The key is to build a wоrkоut routine, that fits your goals to build strength, … Continued

Introduction to Golf Fitness with Todd Keirstead & Charlotte Barker

Listen to the interview with Todd Keirstead & Charlotte Barker on Connect4 Golf.Club Radio show #1 Go to Minute 13:10 to hear the interview Understand “the why” you workout. For golf it is important to work on improving flexibility, Rotational … Continued