1st Interview with Tim O’Connor – Mental Performance Coach

Connect4 Golf.Club Radio interviewed Tim O’Connor on the April 23rd Show and will be continued on the April 30th Show. Tim  has been studying and coaching on the mental game for many years. He shared some great insight on the … Continued

Supporting Video for Radio Show #8 on Alignment to the Target with Todd Keirstead

On Golf.Club Radio Show #8 with Todd Keirstead of Golf with Attitude, he talks about developing proper Alignment to the Target with some inexpensive, easy to make aids You will find the radio interview with Todd  at minute 17:30.   … Continued

Atlantic Golf Expo, this week in Muncton, NB

Key contributors of the Connect4golf.Club radio show, Both Rob Bernard & Todd Keirstead are giving on stage instructions all this weekend at the Atlantic Golf Expo in Muncton, New Brunswick.. These guys are good. I hope you get to see … Continued

COGG – Ball Position supporting video

This is the Center of Gravity Ball Position supporting video for Golf.Club Radio Show #8 with Rob Bernard at minute 3:20. Link to the YouTube Video Learn more about COGG at: http://www.centerofgravitygolf.com/ We look forward to your feedback and questions. … Continued

An introduction to Rob Bernard and Center of Gravity Golf on Radio Show #4

Show #4 Synopsis:  March 4 2016.    Interview with Robert Bernard Starts at minute 13:30 on Show #4 Link to Golf Radio Show #4 In this episode, we meet Rob Bernard, learn a little about his extensive and diverse experience … Continued

Introduction to Golf Fitness with Todd Keirstead & Charlotte Barker

Listen to the interview with Todd Keirstead & Charlotte Barker on Connect4 Golf.Club Radio show #1 Go to Minute 13:10 to hear the interview Understand “the why” you workout. For golf it is important to work on improving flexibility, Rotational … Continued

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