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Golf Courses – Be more effective marketers & less vulnerable to Cyber threats

Golf Course Managers & Owners,

We can help Golf Courses & Resorts to:

  • Sell more rounds and Food & Bev
  • Raise effectiveness of marketing efforts. Link to
  • Know where your customers come from, online & off-line. Link to
  • Less vulnerable to cyber threats & downtime. Link to

 Connect4 Golf.Club & Connect4 Growth thru deployment of proactive marketing strategies & innovative technology we can help your course succeed.

Promote your Course:

  • Social Media support
  • More targeted approach to multiple marketing channels
  • Develop Influencer programs
  • Develop marketing analytics strategy
  • Ready to go App for your Golf Course/s (plug & play)

Marketing Anallytics Solution:

We can now help Answer the questions, "Who showed up from our on-line efforts, from where, when, how long they stay and where did they go on site?"

This changes everything in measuring on-line to off-line conversion and calculating ROI on on-line campaigns.

​You can now, measure Conversion from "Clicks to Bricks", as well as, the many interrelationships. Allowing you to now, map the golfer's journeys to play.

You will see where golfers are coming from:

  • an e-mail
  • your website
  • Facebook or Instagram, etc.
  • geographically (from a local neighbourhood or downtown)
  • Someone visits your booth at an event, then comes to the course 2 months later

Connect4Golf.Club & Connect4 Growth has partnered with Hyllo Analytics to help the Golf Industry improve its marketing effectiveness.

​Learn more about Hyllo Analytics Video (2min)

Hyllo Analytics


Cyber Security Solutions

Small business owners do not seem concerned enough about Cyber threats to their business.

How confident are you that your Club/Course is not vulnerable to Cyber threats on a scale of 1-10?

If you answered "I think" we are less than 8, I recommend that you watch some of our videos and then we should meet.

We would like to educate you about the importance of really fighting cyber threats.

​Here are some unsettling stats for business owners:

  • 60% of all attacks are hitting small companies
  • 33% of firms, that get attacked, require 3 or more days to recover from that attack
  • 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of being hacked
  • Discovernet finds thru Audits, about 20% of companies are in good shape. With the other 80% they find serious Security issues with risk exposure

Connect4 Growth has partnered with DiscoverNet to keep our clients:

  • protected & make sure they a tested disaster plan in place
  • equipped with the best-fit technology for each unique client
  • In Compliance with all required security & privacy standards

Discovernet was recently awarded "Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies" in Canada and has been serving clients for almost 20 years.



Engage with Golfers thru Your Course APP:

We see huge potential for the Golf Industry with our mobile app.

The Connect4 Golf App works like your golf course’s own branded app and acts like your own on-site twitter feed, with way more control over who receives your timely relevant messages and when and where messages are received.

Connect4 Golf.Club is giving golfers a free mobile app to enhance their golf experience and allow sponsors and golf courses to engage with, inform and reward golfers thru their smartphones, when they are at golf courses or at driving ranges, based on proximity to the range, golf shop, snack bar, parking lot, etc.


Golf courses and Driving Ranges involved with this program will learn quickly what golfers are interested in and their preferences and where, how long and how often golfers dwelled on site (i.e. the range). Thus being able to measure the results of campaigns and messages delivered in real time.



At participating golf properties, Golfers will be rewarded with a Half Bucket of Range Balls, when they show the Connect4 Golf App to the Golf Shop staff for the first time to redeem it.


This Promotional campaign called "Practice, makes golf more fun".


This regional Range Ball Promotion will  be subsidized by sponsors (regional and national sponsors).


Participating golf properties with driving ranges will receive the lion’s share of the sponsorship dollars earmarked for each ½ bucket redeemed.


With this promotion you will see the effectiveness of this new mobile marketing vehicle.


We know from talking to many golf course and range operators:

  1. there is interest in participating in this campaign
  2. they charge between $5-7 per half bucket
  3. there is almost no cost to the golf courses to pick up these additional balls
  4. they see value in getting new golfers to their course and/or to their range
  5. they see value in being able to engage/communicate with these golfers thru this app, once they are on their property throughout the season
  6. They cannot afford to give too many ½ buckets of balls away for free.


We have the Solution to point #6


We are signing up partners to sponsor this campaign at $1.00-3.00 per 1/2 bucket, with limits on how many 1/2 buckets of balls can be given away at specific courses, within a region, over a period of time.


The sponsors' brand and messages will be viewed by the app users, when they receive their FREE range balls, as well as, receiving a combination of informative messages from the course and sponsors messages, while they are actually on the range hitting the balls (ie. tip of the day or week or reminder to sign up for a lesson or events).


With the backend analytics of this app, sponsors & golf courses will learn, how many golfers clicked on their messages vs. how many redeemed, dwell times, how often they visit, preferences, etc. Thus being able to measure the results of campaigns in real time.


We will be promoting Connect4 Golf App and this Range Ball promotion through our weekly Golf.Club Radio Show and the participating golf properties will be promoting it to their networks as well. We will be optimizing social media and with success, we will invest in more traditional advertising vehicles.


It is the plan, that for each Free 1/2 bucket received by a golfer, up to 3 non-competing sponsors can be promoted, through the app. At $1.00/bucket per sponsor, this will allow sponsors to extend their reach to more golfers.

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