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Join The Golf Club NOW, to participate in Qualifying for the 1st Indoor Golf Playoff Weekend

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Why join Connect4 Golf.Club?

We will:

  • Help you keep your edge, by trying to qualify in Feb-March for the 1st ever Indoor Golf Playoff Weekend March 24-25, 2017
  • Negotiate & share promotions and deals with Members
  • Communicate with you, relevant information to improve your game information without abusing this privilege.
  • Eventually, communicate based on your specific interests in your profile (profile section coming soon).
  • We may also remind Members about the Radio Show: posting schedule changes, interesting content posted, special guests, etc.
  • Run our own events, tournaments, Leagues, travel opportunities.
  • Occasional run surveys and polls to understand what you are thinking, want and about your game.


How to Join Connect4 Golf.Club & Get Involved (FREE) ...

  • Join by clicking Button below to complete Form that launches


How to Qualify for The Playoff Weekend...

  1. When you complete the Form to join C4G, check the box, that you are interested in Qualifying for the Playoff Weekend March 24-25,
  2. We will then send you a link, for you to also Register in the High Definition Golf Club, so that we can invite/add you to our Qualify Tornament. This allow you to record your scores and be on the Qualifiers' scoreboard
  3. We will also send you a link to pay on-line for the $40 + HST Tournament Registration Fee to Play up to 4 Qualifying rounds of 9 holes.

* The $40 fee does NOT include playing time for your qualifying rounds at the Indoor Golf locations.

Without Registration & Tournament Fee, you will not be listed on the on-going Tournament Scoreboard leading up to The Playoff Weekend. 

Players on the Scoreboard will also qualify to win prizes and receive give aways throughout the qualifying.period.

More info about Indoor Golf Playoffs & Qualifying

Please, let's us know via ContactUs, if you have any questions.
We will try to accommodate you.

We are look forward to a very fun Playoff Weekend and geting you ready for your best golf season ever.

Hit them long and straight!


Tom Hawkett
Chief Golf Lover - CGL

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